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Diocesan Eddie Long is a multi-skilled specialist and philosophical professional with a devouring enthusiasm to reestablish spirits and recuperate otherworldly injuries in networks that is unmatched. Long is energetic, driven and encouraged by scriptural lessons to engage spirits, spread the gospel and have any kind of effect in networks and in the public eye all in all. Priest Eddie Long is an effective specialist, philosophical academician, evangelist, and inspirational orator all folded into one relentless power for good.

Conceived in Huntersville, North Carolina to Hattie and Reverend Floyd Long, Eddie Long graduated with a business organization degree in 1976 from North Carolina Central University. His initial vocation started in the mainstream universe of corporate administration: he embraced the executives occupations first at the Ford Motor Company close Richmond, Virginia and later, with Honeywell in Atlanta, Georgia.

While seeking after his corporate vocation right off the bat in his life, Long never dismissed a profound otherworldly calling, a calling which would in the long run become the dominant focal point in his existence with all-devouring vitality and enthusiasm. In 1981 Long tied down a permit to clergyman and after four years in 1985, was appointed Pastor at Morning Star Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Long’s hunger for serving was coordinated just by his craving for philosophical learning and magnificence, and in 1986 he accomplished a Masters of Divinity accreditation at the Interdenominational Theological Center

(ITC) situated in Atlanta.

In 1987, two years after his first appointment as Pastor at the Morning Star Baptist Church, Eddie Long moved toward becoming minister at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia. Long is today a chief minister at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, presently in Lithonia, Georgia. Under his stewardship, the participation developed from a minor 300 out of 1987 to more than 30,000 today, through a blend of shrewd business intuition, his alluring style and a proportion of celestial support, as he himself puts it, “God needed to show me and develop me. As I’m developing, the assembly is developing.”

In spite of the fact that the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is arranged in a wealthy neighborhood, under Long’s stewardship, it has effectively connected with poor people and destitute inside neighboring networks with an expansive range of social effort programs focused at all segments of the network including adolescents, seniors, single parent families, medicate subordinate addicts and other denied and underprivileged areas of society.

Priest Long enthusiastically trusts quite a bit of society’s ills get from poor training since the beginning, which he trusts makes youngsters veer off far from the way of God, towards adolescent misconduct, substance misuse, shamelessness and other degenerate exercises which at last costs society profoundly, genuinely and monetarily. To attempt to address a portion of these ills, Bishop Long has tried to draw in adolescents proactively with a progression of supported effort programs, youth foundations, and different activities and has had a huge effect by changing and enabling numerous youthful grown-ups; succeeding where the instructive framework had fizzled.

In all that he does and says, Bishop Long is driven by a firm mission to revive and reestablish society with recovering scriptural and moral viability; and isn’t hesitant to express his energetic convictions. Following the lethal cutting of a High School understudy by another student in 1997, Long lectured a substantial amassed gathering of people at the school, serving and energetically requiring the otherworldly reclamation of the understudies. Commentators in certain quarters thrashed the cleric and blamed him for encroaching upon the First Amendment by blending mainstream matters of the state with issues which they trust should be kept inside the bounds of the congregation. Long, be that as it may, stays unfaltering in his inverse doctrinal conviction, that the recovery of the state depends at last on the reception of scriptural statutes and that these statutes must be permitted to saturate all through society all in all.

Long is hitched to Vanessa and the couple is honored with three children and a little girl: Jared, Edward, Eric, and Taylor. The diocesan has composed various engaging books and helped produce gospel music collections on CD. Today he remains seriously dynamic and shows up on TV all through the world on the show Taking Authority. He likewise shows up as a visitor speaker at Christian gatherings and occasions.

Priest Long isn’t just adored locally inside networks, yet he is likewise exceedingly regarded all through the United States and the world as a visionary that has conferred genuinely necessary unique initiative, honesty, and empathy to an agitated world. His all consuming purpose will be recollected by numerous individuals for ages to come.

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